Explicit 48 | The Lost Tapes - Anaconda ('97)
Ep. 48

48 | The Lost Tapes - Anaconda ('97)

Episode description

We did a whole trilogy. Three whole episodes. And, because of Brendan’s disorganization and moving-related chaos, we’ve lost the files. This was part of our summer trilogy with horror movies. We also had a Jim Carry trilogy recorded, but we did not clap to start recording and Brendan cannot seem to find the right files and sync things-up properly. But, we have this new episode to tide us over until we go to a soft-relaunch for the second part of 2024. We rip on this masterpiece of post-comedy-horror. All the while, Syrone, Sirrone? Oh! Dubs, LO-J and the Talkin’ join us on our journey of self-discovery. Plot twist, the power was inside of each of us all along. This episode is full of adult language. Terrible. Somebody get this man a toothpick! Do they look alike?. And another thing, Adobe Audition takes a while to export when you have a lot of rack effects. Please let us know how we can off-load this processing and mix down the shows faster at the email address below. Email? Ever heard of it? It is an Internet technology where words and phrases can be sent in text form to another person’s computer instantly. Too much snark on this episode of Refined 90’s Cinema.