Explicit Daddy Issues and Underaged Marriage - Deep Impact (1996)
Ep. 21

Daddy Issues and Underaged Marriage - Deep Impact (1996)


Episode description

The Night Before Christmas and all through the house not a space ship was stirring, not even an asteroid. Oh wait, it was a comet and it came straight for Earth.

Join us, on this rambling, destruction movie of epic proportions. The movie wasn't rambling, but we sure were.
Honestly neither one of us even remember most of this movie after watching it, which only means one thing, more random silly conversation from your pals Alex and Brendan. Sometime’s you just have to watch a movie with a lot of really strange love sequences in it because it allows you to reflect on the mistakes of the sci-fi genre in the 90’s, and then thank them for making modern sci-fi what it is. Enjoy this crazy episode with lots of laughs, and an occasional tear shed. I mean how can you not, the kid rode his bike across the state for the girl. Through traffic and everything… right? RIGHT?!
… oh yeah there’s a comet. Shit...

Recorded : December 2020 (The Night Before The Night Before Christmas)