Explicit Every Once In a While, I Wipe Wet. | Casper (1993)
Ep. 28

Every Once In a While, I Wipe Wet. | Casper (1993)


Episode description

We start our ghost trilogy with this children's classic: Casper. A friendly ghost if I've ever met one. The boys meander from discussing putting your genitals in fan blades, then ghost haunting, then how grape juice is a conspiracy to turn us into winos, then how cleaning your keyboard is very important. Get those dead skin cells out of there!

Alex's vaccine prospects look grim and so, we ask the question this week: How do you wipe, sitting or standing? It is an important question that every adult must ask themselves at some point in their bleak existence. Do you use wet wipes or towels? Do you have a bidet? Are you a public squatter or a poop nudist?

Movie discussion starts at 13:40
Recorded: April 8, 2021