Explicit Free Range Beers | BASEketball (1998)
Ep. 31

Free Range Beers | BASEketball (1998)


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Again this week: timed show notes. Scrub the timeline in your audio app to skip to the section listed below. Movie discussion starts at 19:40.

00:00 Welcome to another episode of Refined 90's Cinema.

00:05 Story Time with Alex. He Dutch Oven's himself in his office chair. Will he succomb to methane poisoning? Tune in to find out!

01:30 We invent pants with a butt-hole in them to help gasses escape. Our plan is cheap pants and Dragon's Den. Come on O'Leary, give us the dough.

03:43 Throw back to episode 14 from last summer when we watched The Rugrats Movie. Stu Pickles and his Reptar mobile made bank. RIP Reptar.

04:20 A home-made hamburger recipe and the correct pronunciation of the word Worcestershire (Woo-ste-shire?). Much easier to spell than it is to pronounce.

06:05 Finally, we announce the movie of the week. Matt Stone and Trey Parker's BASEKETball. Here's an interview from them about the movie.

06:55 Brendan yells at Alex, who is drinking red wine.

8:15 Alex finally discusses his wine selection after a quick interlude. Our theme song is from Kevin McLoed's Incompetech.

9:08 A humorous Turkey recipe: A Canadian Thanksgiving Miracle. It's not real. Pretty sure. Ask us later.

11:03 We, as Canadians, often mix up Arby's (The American roast beef fast-food chain) and Harvey's (The canadian burger chain) when choosing a restaurant. Do they purposely locate them near each other?

11:23 More Turkey goodness.

16:00 We get to the movie. Alex's favourite sports movie from the 90's.

17:52 More about South Park's creators. Matt Parker and Trey Stone. Go watch 6 Days to Air: The Making of South Park.

19:40 We started playing BASEketball. Universal, Touchstone, Dolby, DHX, Pixar or 20th Century Fox. Which company's intro was your favourite?

21:30 Sportsball. Interleague play. Has that ever happened in real life? It does exist in American baseball.

26:10 We met Squeak.

28:27 The Juice is on the loose. He made Juiced!

29:05 More movie goodness.

30:05 Bouncing hot dogs and comparisons to dodgeball.

30:45 The NBA championship t-shirt thing is real. Some organizations donate the losing team's clothes.

32:56 Pretzels and mustard anyone?

36:45 We hit the plot of the movie. They're going to lose the team if they lose the big game.

40:25 A Make-A-Wish kid and Jerry Springer happen. Should we play the drinking game?

41:00 Here are the instructions on how to play Basketball on your own.

41:26 The Robert Downey Roundup.

45:12 Obscene job postings abound. Alex found an ad for an inflatable tube person.

46:25 Who are Matt Parker and Trey Stone?

49:20 BASEketball, The Parent Trap and There's Something About Mary.

51:38 Victoria Silvstedt, Playmate of the year 1997. Creepy. Learn more about Hugh Hefner's grossness here and here.

54:42 Jenny McCarthy's Anti Vaxx rampage and subsequent backtracking.

Jenny McCarthy Whitewashes Anti-Vax History

Wrong again, Jenny McCarthy: First it was vaccines and autism, now it's HIV

Time Magazine

Jenny McCarthy's Vaccination Fear-Mongering and the Cult of False Equivalence

56:00 Non regulation balls should not be allowed in the game!

56:14 #DeflateGate


57:20 We finish the movie and move on to reviews.

58:30 Pat O'Brian Dan Patrick Real Sports Casterbators.

58:54 Review time!

1:08:00 That's a wrap for this episode of Refined 90's Cinema.

Recorded: May 13, 2021