Explicit Get ’em Wet | Waterboy (1998)
Ep. 33

Get ’em Wet | Waterboy (1998)

Episode description

Editor's Note: Due to some technical difficulties, mainly Brendan recording next to a running washing machine and dryer for over an hour, this episode might sound a little different. Hopefully, the hilarity shines through. So, grab some H2O and press play on this episode of Refined 90’s Cinema.


Intro: Song: Lobby Time from Incomptech.com.

We start off talking Pokemon card collecting and Settlers of Catan for 2 players. We love board and card games here. Couples who Cattan together, stay together.


Vice’s series: Dark Side of the 90s. Brendan says it’s “podcast adjacent.” He’s just jealous that he didn’t come up with it first.

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Cooper Corner! Who’s a good puppers? Who’s a good boy? It’s Cooper! That’s who!


We start the Movie. It’s Waterboy from 1998. We complain about Touchstone Smurf Weiner Productions and green screen technology. Recapping the movie. Brendan likes the colours, Alex likes the voice Adam Sandler does.


Is Adam Sandler father/parent-less? Seems to be a theme worth exploring. A quick web search would reveal that _no. _It appears he was raised by two loving and alive parents. The movie continues with Bobby Boucher giving everyone water and playing great football.


Do American’s party with their college professors? Maybe Epstein. We take a short pause to discuss sexual boundaries and the importance of patience with a partner and communication. Talk to each other. Be respectful. Don’t do anything you’re uncomfortable with.


Back from our 5 second interlude, Brendan discusses the delicious homemade Grarby’s Beef ‘N’ Cheds from Matty Matheson. They are good. Make the recipe. Then we hear the story of the time that Brendan’s apartment caught fire when Alex was visiting.


Back to the movie. Waterboy (in case you forgot). Finally, Rob Snider says the words we’ve been waiting to hear this whole time. Cooper interrupts Alex and Bobby Boucher’s mama finds out he’s been playing the foosball/the devil. Plot of the movie solved. Recap continues. Sandler always has great movie sponsorships.


One lone movie review this week and Alex’s very own Outro.
A funny football movie. That’s it for now folks.