Explicit Get Some of that Ed’s Sauce - Good Burger (1997)
Ep. 15

Get Some of that Ed’s Sauce - Good Burger (1997)


Episode description

The kids are back after a much needed mental health hiatus. Kenan and Kel tear it up in another 90's era orange VHS. I wonder if there were orange Betamax tapes? Anyhoozle, there was definitely a air of burgers on this episode of Refined 90's Cinema.

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I really enjoy this podcast.
- Brendan (Host)

This is just a lame excuse for me to pretend to be friends with that other guy.
- Alex (Host), Probably.

If I listen to this backwards, I can hear Beelzebub speaking through me.
- Randy Newman, Probably

Not this again. Last time I heard this podcast, it was being used to torture inmates on Alkatraz. Like NIN in GITMO.
- Trent Reznor, Probably

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Recorded: Thursday, August 13, 2020