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Nostalgia unscripted. Refined 90’s Cinema is a podcast with two best friends reviewing movies from the 1990s. Brendan and Alex discuss movies, reviews and life. In trilogy format, our co-hosts dive deep into some of our favourite 90’s movies and some we’ve never seen. Warning: This podcast is explicit.

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Alex GervaisBrendan Clouthier
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Grandma’s Nush - Dante’s Peak (1997)

Grandma’s Nush - Dante’s Peak (1997)

Episode 20
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Alex GervaisBrendan Clouthier

Movie discussion starts at 6:32

We start up this one with broken garage doors and used cars. The movie starts with a broken man, trying to avenge his wife's death, by attacking a volcano.

He gets into an argument with his boss and they disagree. Poor Pierce. Off on medical leave, by his jerk boss, Harry Dalton (formerly Harry Ballsack) gets into a bar fight. And, later, his ex-mother-in-law tries to set the entire town against him. Don't worry, she eventually redeems herself by sacrificing her life for her grand-children with her super-hero sized nose hairs we like to call NUSH! Get that G-MA Nush on this episode of Refined 90's Cinema.

Man, after watching that, we sure wish we owned a Chevy Silverado for all of that volcano action!

Recorded : November 2020