Explicit Hack and Slash | Flubber (1997)
Ep. 35

Hack and Slash | Flubber (1997)

Episode description

Did we watch Flubber? We did.

Alex begins our show discussing his Pokemon obsession. It’s basically PokeHoarders at his house. Someone call TLC. Alex laments the Nova Scotia accent. Send the hate mail his way. Then on Dirty Laundry, we discuss anal issues and “not being done”. Make the flubber. Then we see Shooter McGavin try and marry his wife. Wil Weaton plays the bad guy’s son and Clancy Brown from Earth II is in the movie too! The Flubb is on the loose.

Robby Williams puts flubber everywhere and helps a high-school bball team win the game to win back his ex-fiancee. We eventually figured it out. Hack and Slash, or the bad guys, suck hard. Towards the end, Scott Trimble, lets us know what’s up on the set of Flubber. The reviews were terrible at the time of its release.

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Movie discussion starts at 12:10
Recorded: July 29, 2021