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Nostalgia unscripted. Refined 90’s Cinema is a podcast with two best friends reviewing movies from the 1990s. Brendan and Alex discuss movies, reviews and life. In trilogy format, our co-hosts dive deep into some of our favourite 90’s movies and some we’ve never seen. Warning: This podcast is explicit.

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Alex GervaisBrendan Clouthier
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How About That Imhotep - The Mummy (1999)

How About That Imhotep - The Mummy (1999)

Episode 11
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Alex GervaisBrendan Clouthier

Imhotep is gonna Imhotap all over the place. That ancient egyptian is coming back with a vengeance. Watch our beloved Brendan Frasier become a hero and get the girl in this week's episode of Cinema that is Refined and also from the decade of the 1990's.

Recorded: Thursday, July 16, 2020