Explicit Keep Walking Cheese Dick | The Sixth Sense (1999)
Ep. 30

Keep Walking Cheese Dick | The Sixth Sense (1999)


Episode description

We're trying something new this week: timed show notes. Scrub the timeline in your audio app to skip to the section listed below. Movie talk starts at 17:49

00:20 Alex shares about his new bath caddy and his fun times in the tub. Have you ever seen something crusty on your thigh after a quick tub soak? What are the statistical odds of having sticky or crusty leg hairs? The manipulation is real. #conspiracy

3:56 Brendan tells a tale about Cinco de Mayo making strong margaritas and enchiladas with expired canned sauce

8:10 We talk COVID, dogs and office renovations.

9:30 Our bi-monthly tub-talk segment. What should we call this segment? Bathroom Talk? Don't part the bubbles?

11:00 Alex's mother is a hero. Please support cat rescue and animal advocacy organizations in your community. Here is one of our favourite cat rescue groups.

15:32 TikTok Sparkling Water Chug Idiot-Bro Video

Alex is a #tiktokaddict for the Sparkling Water Chug Bro. Brendan thinks it's fake.

17:49 Movie discussion starts. The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment.

19:41 Alex professes his love for intimate omniscient POV shots in 90's movies.

21:52 Bruce Willis is a jerk? Back in our day, movies actually had dialogue. Get off my lawn! Spoilers abound on this episode of Refined 90's Cinema.

24:40 H-JO is on the move. Was he the conceptual inspiration for Zack & Cody from Disney's The Suite Life? H-JO sees lots of haunted people.

28:20 H-JO's father is a huge absent jerk. The doc gives H-JO a great first session will lots of helpful advice and later, instructs him to write a free association journal. Dr. Malcolm Crow loves his magic tricks.

34:30 At the classmate's birthday party. The other kids prank H-JO.

35:34 Alex again loves the 90's movies.

40:05 Our inaugural micro-episode of Refined 90's ASMR--as inspired by The Sixth Sense. Need some dream sequence sound effects. See here.

48:40 A bunch of freaky ghostly dead people stuff happens and then they go to a stranger's funeral.

52:45 The twist slowly begins to dawn on Alex.

1:04:50 It's review time. Amazon Japan reviews of the VHS version of the movie.

1:08:55 Alex discusses his fervent love, again, for older movies. 90's movies. And his personal philosophy around choosing a movie that makes you think vs choosing a movie that lets you couch potato. Then we go on defending the movie against the 1-star reviewers on Amazon. Alex did a wonderful job with his soliloquies on this episode.

Recorded: May 6, 2021