Explicit Marklijah Wood & Henrycully Culkin - The Good Son (1993)
Ep. 22

Marklijah Wood & Henrycully Culkin - The Good Son (1993)


Episode description

The movie watching discussion starts at 8:17.

We begin this episode with Black Mirror, Prime Ministers and Elijah's audition tapes.
This movie is terrifying: Henry Cully Culkin is a masterful child actor in this movie. He probably killed his own brother and starts torturing and killing animals too.

The guys get terrified to their core with this one folks. Alex practically couldn’t watch at one point and brendan laughed himself into a coma. Really though, where did Henry Cully’s acting skills come from? Where did they go? Cotton….eye...joe?

We wouldn’t wanna be his brother is all we’re saying, dude is a psycho. Poor doggo, you will be missed… well. Badum CHHH! Get ready for some genuine WTF reactions to this movie everyone. We look forward to watching with you.

Recorded : January 2021