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Nostalgia unscripted. Refined 90’s Cinema is a podcast with two best friends reviewing movies from the 1990s. Brendan and Alex discuss movies, reviews and life. In trilogy format, our co-hosts dive deep into some of our favourite 90’s movies and some we’ve never seen. Warning: This podcast is explicit.

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Alex GervaisBrendan Clouthier
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Masturbation World Record - Tommy Boy (1995)

Masturbation World Record - Tommy Boy (1995)

Episode 9
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Alex GervaisBrendan Clouthier

The boys finish off their buddy comedy trilogy with a SNL alum-classic from 1995, Tommy Boy. Join Brendan and Alex as they enjoy David Spade, Chris Farley and Dan Ackroyd in one of the most heartwarming tales of the 90’s. We liked it so much that we didn't have much to say.

Recorded: Thursday, June 18, 2020