Explicit Richard A. Dick | Bicentennial Man (1999)
Ep. 34

Richard A. Dick | Bicentennial Man (1999)


Episode description

In a world, where movies are watched and reviewed. Two friends stand to lose everything to bring you only the best in podcasting. On this episode of Refined 90’s Cinema. Alex and Brendan begin their most trying challenge yet. Our Robin Williams trilogy begins with Bicentennial Man from 1999. Auto-tuning, robot appendages, the future and more.

Brendan admits that he has been secretly auto-tuning Alex this whole time. CGI is good. Practical effects are better. We see the robot being delivered because this is Bicentennial Man. The family takes delivery of Andrew and then they force him to do menial tasks around their house like Rosie from The Jetson’s. Then he gets to play chess and the kids make him jump out the window. They live in the house from Signs.

Andrew the robot gets smart. He reads lots of books and such.

IT Crowd SceneAs you could have guessed, Andrew becomes a member of the family. 12 years later… Where is everyone now? Lloyd is a dick. Andrew is free and he builds himself a beach house. Then his original owner is almost-dead and the other daughter is still a dick. Milton from Office Space gets replaced by Jake’s Dad from Brooklyn 99 and it puts on some clothes as he travels around and tries to find other robots like itself. He gets organs and then begins stalking the grand-daughter of his former owners.

Of course, we have flying cars. It’s the future.

Movie talk starts at 06:28
Recorded: July 22, 2021