Explicit Rubix Cuban Cigar - The Cube (1996)
Ep. 24

Rubix Cuban Cigar - The Cube (1996)


Episode description

The final psychological thriller movie in our trilogy. Our Valentine's Day special. We're in love with one another and with geometric solids on this episode of Refined 90's Cinema. 

It's not at all funny. It's not an adventure story. It's 6, or so people, in a cube. One of them designed the cube. Another is a jerk, pedo-cop trying to possibly groom a high-schooler. Definite Epstein vibes from this one. Hopefully Gizz-Stain can tell us more about what they were doing and how disgusting it all was. They are the most evil, most horrible people on the planet right now, other than 

Comment below and complain, or tell us how much you love this low-budget horror CANCON cult classic. It was also remade in Japan and is slated to be release in October of this year. Maybe we can get a pre-release (keep dreaming).

Movie discussion starts at 4:50
Recorded: Sunday, February 14, 2021