Explicit Support the Guillory’s - Men In Black (1997)
Ep. 25

Support the Guillory’s - Men In Black (1997)


Episode description

We get the Fresh Prince and order some delicious Chinese food on this episode of Refined 90's Cinema. What's your favourite dish? Alex has an affinity for spicy Kung-Pow Chicken. Do you ever order from a new restaurant just to test the waters? The Chinese food in MiB makes us hungry and so we take a very long break in order to eat. Brendan can't get delivery and so he makes sad rice. But, what about the movie?!? We also watch and review the first MiB movie.

We learn of an Internet connected family while searching for Men in Black reviews. We are so engrossed with their online lives that we perform our own take on their classic Men in Black fanfiction The Chocolate in the Cereal: A Men in Black Fan Fiction: https://www.youtube.com/c/GuilloryFamily/videos.

Thank you. If you made it to the end of this episode, you get a gold star and a pitcher of Sunny D.

Movie discussion starts at 8:36
Recorded: February 25, 2021