Explicit Time to Service the Generator - Trucks (1997)
Ep. 02

Time to Service the Generator - Trucks (1997)


Episode description

Alex and Brendan discuss the 1997 made-for-TV classic: Trucks. Based on a short-story from famed author Stephen King, this explosion filled film will keep you terrorized until dawn. Good thing they got those tax credits from the Government of Manitoba. CANCON films are the best films.

Alex discusses his girlfriend cutting his hair and Brendan fixes window drafts in his house by closing the windows. These small town simpletons dream of nicer trucks to come. Share a shower, pour yourself a glass of red wine and fart into your gas tank for this Truckin’ Wild Adventure (that would be a good name for a video game, copyright R90C 2020).

Recorded: Thursday, April 23, 2020