Explicit Variety Show Tapes | Part 2
Ep. 39

Variety Show Tapes | Part 2

Episode description

We continue our big conversation into Big Tech™ about how Google will enslave us all! Brendan recommends KeepassXC (for Linux or OSX) or Keepass (for Windows) to save all of your passwords with a master password. You can even sync them across devices like your phone or laptop. And another thing is to use two factor–2FA (or multi-factor) authentication.

Dale then pivots to the Jenna Marbles story-time time and we lament jerks being toxic on the Internet. Alex asks, “Have the times changed?” “Can you have a friend online?” “Will they still be his friend?” “Can we quench that need to be right online?” Dale delivers some wisdom.

Alex talks some more about anime and tries to convince Brendan to like anime. Then Dale and Alex try and define the history of anime and manga. Dale talks One-Punch-Man who is obviously a man who only punches once before falling over and dying.

Dale’s theories include :

(1) There is a Metallica song for everyone,
(2) There is an anime for everyone to love,
(3) Farts are always funny.

Dale’s 90’s favourite production is King of the Hill. Dale and Brendan love Seinfeld and Alex is a Friends person. Which primetime 90’s production defined your personality? For movies, Dale recommends Fear (1996) with Marky Mark and Heat (1995) and finally, The Negotiator.

Alex and Dale then gush about The Thing (1982) and then many more wonderful movies. Dale soliloquies his reasoning for loving The Lighthouse by simply asking yourself, “What are the strengths of this film?” Then, Brendan talks about something stupid and we move on. MOVE ON !

We have a Part 3 coming up next time on Refined 90’s Cinema!

39 | Variety Show Tapes | Part 2
Recorded : October 2021