Explicit Weird CGEyes  | Beethoven (1992)
Ep. 06

Weird CGEyes | Beethoven (1992)


Episode description

This week we have a semi-love triangle for everyone's favourite dog-wagging classic: Beethoven from 1992!

He's a big, slobbering, hero dog. We debate about whether we found Rimshot from Ernest in this movie too. Bonnie Hunt and Charles Grodin (who only have sex on Saturday's) star as the likeable foils to the evil power couple who are trying to unfairly take over his air freshener company. There is also a veterinarian who steals pets to test his new ammo, but don't worry, Rimshot and Beethoven save the day (SPOILERS). The dog that stole our hearts and also spawned seven sequels.

Don't forget your wine, you're gonna need it.

Recorded: Thursday, May 28, 2020