Explicit Because I Got High | Hardware (1990)
Ep. 47

Because I Got High | Hardware (1990)

Episode description

Listeners be advised: this movie is ridiculous and explicit. Welcome to Canada. We dish about Niagara Falls, the end of the summer and whether BDubs is real food. This low-budget slasher flick has it all: sex, drugs and rock and roll. The pacing is slow, but the weird sex scene keeps us interested until the dystopian-trash-helmet activates and we see the man behind the helmet is actually a middle-aged male voyeur who is wearing masks and having a grand ’ol time™. We turn into Howard Stern and make sexual jokes. All the while, the robot guy is having his sad sex-life a cameraman creeps in the distance and Shades is meditating and doing ecstasy. Then, the creepy-guy comes back a few times and then dies. Then some other useless shit happens. Is this thing on? I hope not. Check this out, Vice doc about Afroman.