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Refined 90’s Cinema
Our very first Quick Hits! We watched some 90's commercials. They didn't age well at all. We then watched some 2021 commercials. Now I want Barbie dolls, cat food , soap operas and fast food for some reason. Does gum stay in you for 7 years? I still want to buy into the Columbia House scam. Did you have a Sega? Find out this episode!
Quick Hits 1 | 90’s Commercial Break
Refined 90’s Cinema
In a science experiment gone wrong, best-friends Bud and Doyle get up to crazy hijinks in a sealed greenhouse for a year. You'll need to protect yourself from the urinal splash-back. A Pauly Shore classic, get ready for farts, mooning, and refined laughter.

Our first, in a trio of buddy-comedies, grab a Slurpee for 1996's Bio-Dome with Refined 90's Cinema. This raunchy nostalgic romp reminds us of the true meaning of friendship, mainly, cheezies and beer.
Drain the Lizard - Bio-Dome (1996)
Refined 90’s Cinema
Beethoven from 1992!
He's a big, slobbering, hero dog. We debate about whether we found Rimshot from Ernest in this movie too. Bonnie Hunt and Charles Grodin (who only have sex on Saturday's) star as the likeable foils to the evil power couple who are trying to unfairly take over his air freshener company.
Weird CGEyes  | Beethoven (1992)
Ep. 06
Weird CGEyes | Beethoven (1992)